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Almondbury Community School is an all through school catering for children aged 3yrs - 16yrs (including nursery). Whether a child is in reception or studying for GCSE's we offer an excellent opportunity to work in a unique school.

The school has rigorous vetting procedures in order to safeguard children’s well-being and to ensure the veracity of information relating to the candidate.  All people employed to work at or by the school will be subject to an enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check prior to starting employment. 

For successful candidates, the recruitment panel will:

  • Check that there are no unexplained gaps in employment.  If there are, these will be investigated.
  • Check original copies of qualifications (at interview)
  • Check proof of identity documents (passport etc) at interview.
  • Ensure the DBS check is put in motion
  • Ensure that (2) references are appropriately headed and signed.  Where not, these will be investigated.

To ensure veracity, testimonials will not be accepted, nor will references provided by the candidate.  Time constraints may dictate acceptance of references by fax or email.  However, such references must be confirmed by a signed original.  Appointments will only be made pending satisfactory receipt of such original paper copies of references.

This school believes that the safety and well-being of children is paramount.  DBS checks are important and valuable but not foolproof.  To ensure that our recruitment and selection procedures reflect this, at least one member of every panel will have completed training.  This will alert the panel as to how to identify and draw out possible child protection issues during interviews.