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The Nursery Day

Morning session starts at 8:40 and finishes at 11:40.

Afternoon sessions run from 12:05 until 3:05.

We are offering 30 hours provision.

Those who do not qualify can pay £12 for an afternoon session and £3 for lunch, £15 in total. You will need to provide your own packed lunch. 

Children can start Nursery the term after they have their third birthday. Please contact the school if you would like to come to our nursery as numbers are limited.

It is FREE! No fees are paid as places are funded by the government.

Come and take a look around, contact the Greenside Centre 01484 426666 to arrange a visit.

From September, our Nursery is the only one in Almondbury with a teacher in attendance all the time.

We plan the day around the children, following the Early Years curriculum. Activities are set up to stimulate their creativity, imagination and curiosity. We want to give the children a taste of independence and prepare them for their school career.

During the session we open all the doors so that the Nursery and Reception children have the opportunity to play together and explore each others classrooms. The staff get to know all the children really well. This makes the move from Nursery to Reception really easy and is a breeze for the children.

"Children settle quickly and become confident learners because routines and expectations in the early years are well defined." OFSTED June 2017.