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Standards & Curriculum

Standards and Curriculum Committee


To provide support and challenge to the leadership of the school and to hold them to account in relation to the quality of educational provision including: the quality of teaching and learning; pupil progress and outcomes for pupils; the quality of the curriculum provision and delivery.


50% of membership

Terms of reference

  1. To monitor the progress of the School Improvement Plan regarding pupil progress and attainment and curriculum developments.
  2. To ensure that the National Curriculum and RE (in accordance with the locally agreed syllabus) are taught and that the curriculum is:
  • broad and balanced
  • relevant to the needs and abilities of all pupils
  • focuses on the necessary priorities to ensure that all pupils make good progress - especially in reading, writing and maths.
  1. To ensure that the school promotes the spiritual, moral social and cultural development of all pupils.
  2. To ensure that statutory pupil assessments are carried out and results reported to parents/carers and appropriate bodies.
  3. To consider the impact of pupil premium on outcomes for relevant pupils.
  4. To monitor and review on a scheduled basis relevant (statutory) policies including:
  • Statement of principles
  • Teaching and learning
  •  Sex education (in primary schools the governing body decides whether or not this should be
  • provided)
  • special educational needs/ensuring that the code of practice is met and that the policy is published, made known to parents and reported on at least annually

Important documents regarding Standards and Curriculum