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Spanish is spoken by 500 million people across the world, and this number is expected to reach 600 million by 2050. It is the second most studied language in the world with more than 20 million students choosing to learn this language. Spanish is the:

  • Official language of 22 countries
  • 2nd largest native language in the world
  • 2nd language used for international communication
  • 3rd most used language on the internet

There is a growing global need for a working knowledge of Spanish in many varied careers: travel and tourism, the media, journalism, MI5, sales and marketing, customer support, education, translating, interpreting and many more.

The EDUQAS GCSE will equip you with essential skills to meet this need. 

Themes studied are broken into 3 areas which each divide into 6 sub-topics, tested on final exams in all four skills.

Identity and Culture Local, National and Global Areas of Interest Current/Future Study and Employment
Self & Relationships Local Areas of Interest School/College Life
Health & Fitness Environment Employment
Festivals & Celebrations Holidays and Tourism Skills and Personal Qualities
Entertainment & Leisure Travel and Transport Post-16 Study

Lessons will include thorough preparation for the final exams, as well as enrichment activities such as cooking typical food, study of songs and popular culture and regular competitions and challenges.

The knowledge of a language would be an advantage for furthering your career in any field. Spanish gets you places!