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Science (Y7-8)

At Almondbury Community School we aim to provide an enriching and exciting Key Stage Three curriculum to bring Science to life in the classroom.

The dedicated Science department strives to provide the opportunities to pupils to become the dedicated successful learner and nurture inquisitive minds.

We offer a bespoke course matched to the AQA Key Stage 3 Science syllabus. The Collins Student Books that we use to support the course have been approved by AQA so help the pupils to make a smooth transition from Key Stage 3 to their GCSE work.

We aim to prepare students for the step up to GCSE with maths and literacy skills integrated throughout the course to help consolidate and develop their skills.

Pupils in year 7 have three Science lesson per week and pupils in year 8 have four Science lessons per week. 

Pupils will study the following topics:

Year 7

Cells – the building blocks of life

Eating, Drinking and Breathing

Mixing, Dissolving and Separating

Forces and their Effects

Energy Transfers and Sound

Year 8

Getting the Energy your Body Needs

Looking at Plants and Ecosystems

Explaining Physical Changes

Explaining Chemical Changes

Exploring Contact and Non-Contact Forces

Magnetism and Electricity

Homework is issued weekly, pupils are provide with a choice grid of homework options related to each topic. They can then choose a task that interests them and inspires further independent learning.

Pupils are invited to attend a weekly extracurricular STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) club.

Here is the web link which will take you directly to the Collins website:

Below is a power point to assist with logging on and using Collins connect.