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School Improvement plan & action plans

In the Ofsted monitoring report November 2015 it said, 

"The headteacher and senior leadership team are unyielding in their determination, drive and enthusiasm to make improvements, and this is evident in the way they talk passionately about how they are going to do that. This is exemplified in a clearly focused school improvement plan, which rightly identifies key actions for improvement. Furthermore, other leaders in the school talk confidently about the impact their actions are starting to have on driving improvement and they are aware of what still needs to be achieved."

Our Challenge is to continue on our journey to become a popular,  innovative ‘all-through’ school.

This plan takes us into our third year since the school was formed as an ‘all-through’ school.  In our first year the teachers and support staff were restructured to provide a new staffing structure.  The new structure makes the most of the opportunities of an ‘all-through’ school – at all levels.  It is fit for purpose for children and pupils – and the staff who work with and for them.  The Governing Body has been reconstituted to ensure that it holds leaders robustly to account for the school’s performance. ACS has worked closely with the LA to plan for a balanced budget going forward.

In our second year the key focus was in growing together.  We focused on building and developing new effective teams and supported all staff in their new roles throughout the school.  Our whole school community is developing a shared vision of our values and embedding an ‘all-through’ ethos in the school.

This year the objective of this plan is to continue to  raise standards and achievement.  All our efforts must be focussed on getting every one of our pupils to achieve good progress in every phase in every subject.  A continued focus on Personalised Learning is the key. We need to embed whole school assessment, target setting and tracking systems.  Our through school enables far greater continuity in learning and curriculum than is possible in traditional primary and secondary schools. We need to continue to develop our innovative Co-operation stage from Year 5 to Year 8 to provide continuity and ensure that pupils get the benefit of best practice from the primary and secondary curriculum and learning models. Our curriculum has undergone a fundamental review in the last year, in line with the continual changes to the National Curriculum and final assessments at KS1, KS2 and GCSE.  This work will continue to be embedded this year.

OFSTED visited the school in June 2015 for our first inspection as a new school.  They gave us two key areas to focus and these will be integral to the plan.

  • To improve the quality of teaching so that it is at least good and so that pupils make at least good progress, particularly in mathematics in Key Stage 4
  • To improve the effectiveness of leaders and managers at all levels, including governors, in order to speed up the rate of improvement even further.

Our school Self-Evaluation  must  ensure that we all develop critical thinking about our own performance as a school in order to deliver the highest quality teaching and learning and experiences for all our pupils.  The school has been categorised as a ‘coasting’ school by the LA and the Regional Schools Commissioner.  This is providing additional resources facilitated by the Pennine Teaching Schools Alliance.  The School to School support plan has been embedded in this plan and is highlighted in blue.The impact of this plan will be monitored, reviewed and amended where necessary as we move through the coming  year. The PTSA will gather evidence to quality assure the provision in this plan.  The LA, PTSA alongside the Governors on the Standards and Curriculum committee will monitor and evaluate this plans implementation and its impact.

I know that by working together we will achieve our goals whether they are whole school, in curriculum areas, in phases, or individual staff or individual pupil targets.

Growing together: Achieving together.

T Bowen

January 2017

Please find below the relevant documents.