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School Day Timings/School Uniform

Almondbury Community School start times:

Fernside Centre - school starts at 8.35am. 

Greenside Centre - school starts at 8.40am. 

Nursery - starts at 8.45am. Gates close at 8.50am.

If for any reason your child arrives after school starts it is important they enter the relevant building via the main entrance and sign in at the window. This is a safety requirement and unless your child has signed in at the window, you will receive a text message. Furthermore in the event of  an emergency evacuation your child could be unaccounted for.  Thank you.

SCHOOL DAY at KS2/3/4:

School Begins: 8:35am

Registration: 8:35am-9:00am

Period 1: 9:00am-9:50am

Period 2: 9:50am-10:40am

Break: 10:40am-11:00am

Period 3: 11:00am-11:50am

Period 4: 11:50am-12:40pm

Lunch: 12:40pm-1:20pm

Period 5: 1:20pm-2:10pm

Period 6: 2:10pm-3:00pm

School Ends: 3:00pm

School Uniform

We regard school uniform as an important element in maintaining standards and hope that parents will support us in this. Sensible attire and hairstyles sum up our approach. The school colours are purple and black. Most items can be purchased from Natasha’s in Huddersfield or online from Tesco at The following uniform applies on the journey to and from school, as well as within school

Nursery - Year 6 Uniform:

  • Purple sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo.
  • White polo shirt with school logo.
  • Black or grey trousers for boys. Black or grey skirt, trousers or pinafore for girls.
  • Black shoes.

Summer Alternatives (optional)

  • Yellow or purple checked/striped summer dress for girls.
  • Grey or black shorts for boys.

PE Kit

  • White T-shirt
  • Black shorts (no football kits)
  • Black pumps.
  • For outdoor PE, black jogging bottoms, black/navy sweatshirt, plain white t-shirts and trainers.

Swimming Kit Yrs 3 & 4

All children need a towel and swimming cap. Boys require proper trunks (not long shorts) and girls a full swimming costume.

Please could you help us by ensuring that all items of your child's uniform are clearly named.

KS3/4 (Yr 7-11) Uniform:

  • School blazer (black) with school logo.
  • Black trousers for boys.  Black skirt (no shorter than knee length), or trousers for girls. (Jeans or cords are not allowed).
  • Girls should wear black/skin coloured tights of ankle socks
  • White shirt
  • School clip-on tie (purple and gold). Yr 11 have broader striped tie.
  • Black flat shoes or pumps. (Trainers are not allowed)
  • Dark overcoat. No hooded sweatshirts.

PE Kit

  • Purple polo shirt with logo
  • Purple hooded school sweatshirt
  • Plain black PE shorts
  • Black tracksuits bottoms
  • Indoor trainers
  • Outdoor footwear (trainers or football boots)
  • Swimming costume or trunks and cap (Yr7)


  • No denim - articles of clothing made from denim are not regarded as appropriate for wear to and from school nor inside the school.
  • Jewellery – only a watch and one stud in each ear for boys and girls. All jewellery must be removed for PE/Games. No other form of body piercing (for example facial piercing) is allowed.
  • Extremes of colour and fashion are unacceptable. Pupils may be sent home if not  appropriately dressed.
  • Extreme hairstyles or make-up are not permitted.
  • Open toed, high heeled or backless shoes/boots are not appropriate.

If you are in any doubt about any of the information given above, please contact the school before making your purchases.