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Punctuality & Attendance

Excellent punctuality and attendance will be rewarded!

 You are expected to be on time for registration.

You must arrive on time and be prepared for each lesson, making sure you have all the right equipment; e.g. pencils, pens etc.

If you are repeatedly late, your teacher will take appropriate action.  Chronic lateness will result in severe disciplinary action being taken against you.

You should be in your form/class room ready to register at 8.35am in the morning and 1.20pm in the afternoon.

Should you arrive after registration in the morning you must report to Reception to sign in before going to your lesson.  You will get a late mark on the register. Two late marks will result in a Form Tutor Detention, three late marks will result in a Senior Management Detention.     

100% attendance is your target.

Your attendance should never fall below 95%. This in day terms means that in a full school year you should have no more than 10 school days absence.

If you do miss school, a phone call/text on the first day of absence is necessary to inform school.  If the absence is for more than one day you should bring a note on your return.

Parents will be informed if your attendance record needs improving.

What is meant by Unauthorised Absence?

Some absences are allowed by law.  For example if the child is ill or there is a family crisis such as a funeral.  However, there are other times when pupils are absent which are not permitted.  We need the help of parents to cut down on this kind of absence:

  • Going to have their hair done!                                                                                     
  • Looking after younger children or relatives!
  • Going out to buy shoes!
  • Sleeping in!
  • Waiting in for the gas man or other tradesmen!
  • Doing the shopping
  • Having a birthday – some pupils think they should have a day off!


Regulations regarding attendance/holidays in term time given by the government changed from      September 2013.  Head Teachers will not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Amendments to the Education (Penalty Notices) England mean that you may receive a penalty notice for unauthorised absence, including holidays.  Penalty notices (fines) are £60 to each parent to be paid within 21 days of £120 to each parent within 28 days.  Unauthorised absences may result in prosecution.

If a pupil is absent from school for a total of four weeks or more, the school may take the child off roll unless there is a good reason for the continued absence, such as illness.  In these circumstances it is up to the parent to inform the school as once removed from roll, there is no guarantee that the child will regain a place at the school. (Section 3 of The Education Regulations 2006, Regulation 8).