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Pastoral Care

This is a school which really cares about your child, and through our pastoral system we work to develop a caring community which everyone will soon feel at home. We pride ourselves on the individual and personalised approach we have to supporting, guiding and caring for your child. We can only do this in partnership with you.

Every member of staff has a pastoral responsibility in the school, whatever their subject responsibility or role. 

Your child will be placed in the direct change of a form/class teacher, in a group of about 20-25 children. Considerable significance is attached to this post, so please keep in close contact with this person.

Key Staff:

Headteacher Miss R Ward
Primary Consultant Miss K Eastwood
Senior Leader of Years Rec - Year 2 Mrs L Lockwood
Senior Leader of Years 5-8 Mr S Wood
Senior Leader of Years 9-11 Mr S Sykes
SENCo and Safeguarding Lead Mrs S Quarmby
Inclusion Team Mr R Goodswen, Mr C Flaherty, Mr P Kumar, Miss P Fogarthy, Mr J Fairbank

We are a restorative school - and as such we wish to foster a mutually respectful and calm learning environment.

There may be occasions when we need to contact you during the school day. This might be because your child is ill or has had an accident. For this reason we ask all parents to complete a form giving telephone numbers where a responsible person can be contacted at all times.

It is important that you tell us if this information changes. Parents will always be contacted before a pupil is allowed to leave school during school hours.

We are here to help - please contact any of us if we can help in any way. We can only support and deal with concerns if we are aware of them.

Growing Together, Achieving Together.