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Nurture Group

At Almondbury Community School we are lucky that all three centres have a dedicated Nurture group. At EYKS1 and KS2 it is called ‘The Rainbow Room’ and at KS3 and 4 ‘The Redfearn Centre’. The nurture groups all work slightly differently to cater for the ages of the children. They do however all follow the same principles.

In the nurture groups the children have the opportunity to work in small groups to develop social and communication skills through carefully planned activities. Each nurture group offers a safe environment and has specialised staff who work with the children to talk through any difficulties and ensure better progress in their classes.

EYKS1 'Rainbow Room'    
KS2 'Rainbow Room'    
KS3/4 'Redfearn Centre'    

If you would like to know any further information about the way the nurture groups are run please do not hesitate to contact the individual centres.