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Students continue with work begun in year 7. They are investigating life in Britain between 1509-1745. In this topic they study the Stuart royal family. We look at how and why England and Scotland became united and the origins of the Union Jack flag. We investigate why the gunpowder plot happened and examine evidence of a conspiracy to frame Guy Fawkes and his friends.We will examine witch trials and why they were so popular. We will look at why Americans speak English and the settlement of the American continent by the Mayflower pilgrims. In this unit we examine the causes and consequences of the civil war. We look at the execution of king Charles and study Cromwell's government in England and Ireland. We will also investigate the impact that disasters such as plague and fire had on the people at the time.

Then we investigate life in Britain 1745-1901. In this unit we look at the development of Industry, Invention and Empire. We look at how new ideas changed life. We look at the development of towns and factories and the impact of the Industrial Revolution. We include a local aspect and consider these changes and developments in Huddersfield. We look at the problems of Public health in these new towns and what was done to improve living conditions. We conduct a murder mystery and look at what Jack the Ripper may have looked like. We conduct an investigation into the slave trade and how it was abolished. We look at the French revolution and the Napoleonic wars. We also consider Britain's relationship with other countries when we study Britain's invasion of India. We assess the positives and negatives of this event. We also look at the reign of Queen Victoria and the growth of factories. We also look at the impact of the Great Hunger in Ireland. In addition to learning some brilliant history we will also develop our ability to look at evidence critically. We will make our own assumptions about the past based on facts and evidence we can trust.

In Year 9 pupils will study the twentieth century to gain an understanding of the main events, changes and individuals from this exciting time period. Pupils will develop their ability to use documentary evidence, understand the causes of events and consider the impact of those events on individual people’s lives and on societies.  In particular pupils will learn about: the causes of the Great War; the economics of the inter-war years; the causes of World War 2; the holocaust; the origins of the NHS and welfare systems; the cold war; the space race; the end of Empire and independence in India and Africa; key events towards the end of the century and the threat posed by terrorism.

Details for Years 10 and 11 are not yet available as new GCSE specifications for first entry in 2019 are still being finalised. However, all specifications will be designed to help learners to become curious, to develop their own opinions based on evidence and to build a greater understanding of the present by seeing its origins in the past.  Below is an outline of the type of specification which pupils are likely to follow:

Paper 1 – 1 hour and 45 minutes

Thematic Study – The People’s Health, c.1250 to present        20%

British Depth Study – The Norman Conquest                              20%

Paper 2 – 1 hour

History Around Us – this involves a visit to a local historical site      20%

Paper 3 – 1 hour and 45 minutes

Period Study – The Making of America, 1789-1900       20%

World Depth Study – to be decided                                  20%