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Geography (Yr7-8)

Upper Co-operation Phase: Year 7 & 8

Physical and Human Geography is taught via a topic based curriculum. Each topic spans the breadth of geographical themes and builds a detailed knowledge of the world. Through geography, pupils explore the various physical processes which shape our world and develop knowledge of the landscapes and their unique features which result from these processes. We also explore our place in this world and explore the ways human activity both affects and is affected by the natural world.

Pupils are encouraged to investigate issues themselves and explore their environment. Thinking skills and enquiry are central to our work.  Homework challenges are set regularly to give pupils the opportunity to develop as independent learners. These skills are developed through our teaching and pupils are encouraged to be critical thinkers. Questioning, researching, observing, presenting, concluding and evaluating are core skills in Geography.

Literacy and communication is central to the study of Geography and pupils will learn how to use literacy and communication skills to express their knowledge and understanding of key places and processes. We aim to develop descriptive writing, persuasive writing and non-chronological report writing. Pupils will build on the skills learned in year 5 and 6 to become confident and articulate learners.

SOW: The outline below is a summary of the Scheme of Learning followed in upper co-operation phase year 7 and 8

Yr 7

Yr 8

Earth’s story

Population problems

Map skills

Coasts- life on the edge

All about Africa

Weather and climate

The Horn of Africa

Amazing Asia


Tourism and development

Yearly Review and independent project

Yearly review and independent project