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Planet Earth is an amazing and interesting place. Geography GCSE is a subject that allows you to explore this world and discover more about the planet and how it is changing over time.

We study both physical and human Geography, from rainforests to coral reefs, climate change and ice ages to coasts and desert environments.  In Year 11 we focus on Human Geography, studying the issues of over-population and the growth of cities and the globalisation of industry and trade.

All topics are linked by an appreciation that whilst our planet can affect our lives, we also have an impact on the planet. You will learn how to become a better global citizen.

There is also an element of fieldwork based investigations where pupils visit different locations and practice a variety of fieldwork skills from measuring the velocity of a river to environmental quality surveys in cities.

Geography GCSE is subject which develops communication skills and IT skills which all employers look for, as well as subject-specific skills which can be widely applied in a range of jobs. The green sector is a growing sector of the economy and a qualification in Geography opens up opportunities in careers such as environmental management and urban planning, travel and tourism, renewable energy companies, wildlife conservation, teaching, weather forecasting, marine biology…….the list goes on!

We follow the Edexcel Geography B syllabus The Dynamic Planet.  This is a brand new course which will be offered for first entry in 2018. It will be assessed through terminal examinations at the end of Year 11.