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Every Child Matters

Every Child Matters Committee


To provide support and challenge to the leadership of the school and to hold them to account in relation to the quality of provision embodied within the terms of reference.


50% 0f membership (including 2 student representatives)

Terms of Reference

  1. Student feedback on issues raised at the Student Council.
  2. To ensure that the school has in place relevant policies that support high quality provision in regard to behaviour management, attendance, safeguarding.
  3. To review the quality of provision in the school.
  4. To ensure that relevant procedures are in place and effective in relation to child protection.
  5. To ensure that impartial careers advice is provided to pupils.
  6. To review the delivery and impact of SMSC provision
  7. To monitor and review on a scheduled basis relevant statutory policies including:
  • child protection
  • safeguarding
  • home-school agreements