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English at KS4

Year 9:

          Pupils will study a range of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and plays during the course of the year. Pupils will study two authors in depth; not only will Charles Dickens’ and Malorie Blackman’s fiction be studied, but also the context of their literature. They will work towards developing their independence through research and project based work. Pupils will further strengthen their reading and writing skills through half-termly assessments and end of year exams. They will be given numerous opportunities to develop their speaking and listening skills through a range of activities designed to promote clarify, fluency and confidence.

          All assessments at the end of each half term will be set as exams in order to enhance pupils’ confidence in developing successful exam techniques. The course is designed to ensure every pupil is ready for GCSE in Year 10.

GCSE from 2015:

          All pupils will study both English Language and English Literature which will result in 2 GCSEs. The new GCSEs are assessed at the end of Year 11 by examination. These are ‘closed book’ exams.

Pupils will spend Year 10 studying exam texts, such as poetry (AQA Anthology – Power and Conflict) and An Inspector Calls. Pupils will spend a significant amount of time practising their exam skills by being challenged with exam questions and exam papers. They will be given a wide variety of non-fiction texts to read, analyse and comment on to help further develop their reading skills. Pupils will also be given support and guidance to improve their writing skills.

          Pupils will also participate in Spoken Language activities, contributing to the non-exam assessment where they will be expected to present information and respond to questions using Standard English.

          In Year 11, pupils will study Shakespeare and Dickens as part of the English Literature course. They will also complete various practice exams focusing on both reading and writing skills.  Pupils will prepare for their mock exams and a significant amount of time will be spent preparing for their final examinations.