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The curriculum in the Co-operation Phase (Year 5 - Year 8) at Almondbury Community School  is based on the development of key skills and knowledge.

Year 5 & 6 

Numeracy: Our numeracy planning has clear progression from year to year. To allow consistency and improved progress, Big Maths as a support for planning has been introduced. The scheme was introduced in April 2012 and gives clear steps and support for teaching and learning mental and written mathematics strategies.

Topic: Every 8 weeks a new topic theme is introduced, combining learning objectives from the National Curriculum to develop knowledge and skills. Where possible this is done in a cross curricular approach to enhance links between Science, Art, DT, History and Geography.

There are also three whole school themes where everyone studies one aspect of a theme and share the learning with each other.

To view  Yr 5 & Yr 6 Integrated Curriculum click here

Other areas: Some subjects are taught discretely. R.E follows the Kirklees scheme and policy. PSHCE follows the SEAL programme. MFL, Physcial Education & Music are  taught exclusively by specialist teachers.

Year 7 & 8

From Year 7 pupils take a common curriculum of 30 periods, as shown here:

1 period each of :Music, ICT, R.E and Personal and Social Education (4)                                              

2 periods each of :Art, Physical Education, History, Geography, Technology (10)

3 periods each of :MFL and Science (6)

5 periods each of :Maths and English (10)

The curriculum is further enriched by event days and an events week at the end of the school year. These involve all pupils and staff in an impressive array of activities and experiences which enrich learning and encourage pupils’ social, spiritual, cultural and moral development.

For 20 minutes every day, form tutors, assisted by support staff, use reflection time to focus on individual learning and progress, discuss current affairs and read. 

Personal skills (PSHCERE/Citizenship)

It is the aim of the school to promote the personal and social development of all its pupils and for pupils to be effective citizens. Personal Skills (PSHCERE) is concerned with qualities and attitudes, knowledge and understanding and abilities and skills in relation to oneself and others. As such it is an integral part of all aspects of school life, inside and outside the classroom. All teachers are involved in encouraging effective personal and social development, and the whole curriculum aims to promote this.