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Welcome to the Careers page of the website. Almondbury Community School offers independent careers information, advice and guidance for all students to help them make important decisions and choices. We aim to give you as much information as possible.

Fay Buckley is our Careers Adviser in school and is available for students to see every Friday. Fay has Post Graduate Qualifications in Careers Guidance and a number of years experience working with students from a variety of backgrounds.

The Careers Adviser supports with providing information, advice and guidance on Careers, College, 6th Form, University and Apprenticeships. Students have one to one appointments as well as group sessions and the opportunity to drop in to the careers office at every break and lunch time to ask questions, pick up information and discuss their plans.

The Careers Adviser also attends parents evenings and a number of other school events to meet with parents and guardians to support in their child’s transition from school to their post 16 destination.

To contact the Careers Adviser;

E-mail: or 01484 223910.

Destinations of 2016 Key Stage 4 leavers as of March 2017 – ‘2 terms on’

C&K Careers report on the current destinations of KS 4 leavers as of the end of March – ‘2 terms on’.  This is data derived from Careers Adviser contacts with young people and information shared by post 16 learning providers and refers to the latest leaver cohort.  It is their current destination as of the end of March and may be different from their initial destination which may not have been sustained throughout the period.

(These figures are not to be confused with the Destination Measures produced by the DFE which are an attempt to show schools the proportion of their school leavers who have managed to sustain their initial post 16 destination to the end of March following completion of Year 11.  The Destination Measures data provide DFE are still classed as experimental and have a long time lag).

Below are the up to date, accurate destinations of your 2016 KS4 Leavers ‘2 terms on’ – These measures provide useful evidence of progression for OFSTED.

  • 93% (52) remaining in Learning – This includes students in Further education at College, 6th Form College, Train 2 Work, apprenticeship and employment with accredited training.

This percentage is lower when compared to that reported at the end of March last year.

However, the number of students who are NEET is now at 1.7% (1) this is lower than when destinations were captured in November 2016.

A higher number of students are now in employment and this is good in that they are doing something positive but unfortunately, they are not meeting the duty to remain in learning (RPA) as they have entered employment without any form of accredited training. 

Out of the 99 students of the 2014 leaver group, 23 are in an apprenticeship, which is a very high figure. A further eight have gone into employment either with or without training.  It is clear that we are getting the message across to students about the apprenticeship route and the value of working and learning  

There are 23 students who are now in Higher Education and a further 21 students on Level 3/A-Level courses.

Nine students are NEET due to a number or reasons such as illness, pregnancy and being a parent.

We have not be able to track the whereabouts of seven students but we continue to try and follow up to offer further support if required.

Achievements this term

  • A lot of work has been done to ensure all students have applied for College through UCAS Progress. Period 4 each Friday has been used to work on applications and Fay has supported these sessions and the form teacher in monitoring and working more closely with those students who have struggled to complete their applications.
  • Students have been seen for a 1:1 appointment throughout the term to help support with UCAS Progress but also to discuss their long-term career goals.
  • An Apprenticeship presentation has been delivered to Year 11
  • Year 8 students have had a session on choosing options and exploring career ideas for the future.

Another positive is the feedback from Greenhead when they came to interview students. They said all of the students were well presented, well mannered and had clearly prepared themselves thoroughly for their interviews.

Click on the icons below to visit the various college websites to get details of the courses they offer.

Greenhead College

New College

Kirklees College

Leeds City College

The following websites offer advice and guidance: