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It is well  recognised that good, consistent attendance at school is crucial to a child or young person's future prospects.  Please ensure that your child gets to school on time. You will be informed of regular lateness. School work is easier to cope with if lessons are attended regularly and on time, this in turn leads to better results and better prospects.

 Attendance which falls below 90% (equivalent to 19 missed days) over the academic school year gives cause for concern.  Attendance below 90% seriously affects your child's achievement, progression and life chances. We are working hard to improve attendance across the school, with a particular focus on any students whose attendance falls below 90%.

It is important that parents inform us if their child is going to be/or is  absent from school. A telephone call (01484 426666) letting us know what is wrong is acceptable at this time; but at the end of each absence we would expect parents to send a note explaining clearly the reason for and the dates of absence. This can also be done in the pupil planner.

As part of our safeguarding procedures, we operate an automated first day call system. This means that if your child is absent from school and we have not been notified, you will automatically be contacted by your preferred method of contact until we have confirmation of the absence.

Children feel more secure and happier when they have routine and structure to their day, attainment levels increase with regular attendance to school. If you are concerned about your childs attendance, please contact their Head of House as soon as possible and they will support you and your child with any concerns you may have.