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School Information

Welcome from the Interim Headteacher Mr Reed

Welcome to Almondbury Community School. I’m proud to be serving this community as the interim headteacher.  Our children have huge potential to achieve their ambitions and to have a positive impact on the wider world.  Everything we do is designed to help our children fulfil this potential.

Here at Almondbury, we are extremely ambitious for our children.  We work together to provide the best possible education.  We see our role as preparing children for the challenges they will face beyond secondary school as they grow into responsible and confident adults, ready to make the most of the opportunities the world has to offer.

We believe all our children have a right to a first class education regardless of background, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, gender identity or sexuality.

By focusing on the individual child, supporting their unique needs and encouraging their own interests and passions we believe they will develop into a rounded individual with an appetite for learning and achievement that will follow them through life.

To help get our pupils ready for the world beyond school, we offer them many opportunities outside of the curriculum to supplement what they learn in the classroom.

There is a wide range of extra-curricular clubs, with something to suit everyone. These include sports clubs, art clubs, science club, cooking club and technology clubs. Taking part in these sessions increases confidence and broadens interests to help develop pupils into more rounded individuals as they head towards their future.

We encourage our children to engage with the community, whether it is at a local level, a national level or global community.

With your help, we strive to provide a rich and rewarding experience for pupils across the school and give our young people the best possible foundation in life. We are a school that works with its community and for its community. It is this shared goal which underpins our motto,

‘Growing Together - Achieving Together’