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Year 7 CPR Training

Year 7  have been learning important lifesaving skills

On Thursday 15th December 2016, Year 7 undertook lifesaving CPR training as part of their Physical Education Swimming lessons. The students have previously completed basic life support training which helps them to recognise when a casualty might be in trouble and the steps they should take to help the casualty.

The CPR training used equipment, including inflatable mannequins, donated by the British Heart Foundation. Our students learned how to use their basic life support skills and how to then perform Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. They performed chest compressions and rescue breaths for a period of 2 minutes and were amazed at how tiring this was but all students left feeling confident that they could help out in a rescue situation.

Mrs Ketteringham, Head of Physical Education, said: “These skills are critical to empowering our students in developing the confidence and skills to take action in a lifesaving situation. Through this lesson, they have seen how learning these vital lifesaving skills has helped someone of a similar age to save the life of one of their own parents. All of our students should receive this training.”