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Almondbury Community School in the spotlight!

We are very proud to see Almondbury students making the headlines!

The Vocab Express League of Champions international competition has now ended and Almondbury Community School have achieved some fantastic results!

Over 350 schools worldwide competed in the competition and Almondbury Community School made it onto the leader board for the second year running in Spanish.

Ollie Flatt, Tonayah Blackburn and Jam-Maya Williams made it into the Top 40 for all Spanish learners. (Placed 12th, 16th and 23rd) WOW!

Almondbury Community School were placed 4th in the Piccolo Cup (schools with 150 or less participants) for Spanish!!

As well as this Almondbury Comminty School moved into the Top Ten with 9th place in the Spanish Genius Cup (all schools) - last year we were 14th.