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Y10 Pupils - Work Experience

Due to the current COVID-19 situation we are not in a position to offer Y10 pupils work experience. However, Y10 pupils can access a 5 day virtual work experience online. 

The work placements offer experience in the following STEM areas:

Project management

The work placements begin on May 18th and are accredited for all pupils who complete the courses.

Live broadcast with Learning in Lockdown - Work Experience Week: 18th-22nd May 2020 on 18/05/2020 10:00 am - Further information can be found here on the link below:

On the 4th May at 11am, there will be a short broadcast introduction to the programme on the Learn Live platform which will give you an opportunity to raise any questions or clarifications with the project team.

This work experience is suitable for anyone interested in a career in building and construction work.

You can access this using the following link:

If you are interested please let Mr Sykes know via his email address which is