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The Great Fire of London

Key Stage 1 kick started their new topic on ‘The Great Fire of London’ with a very important visit from Sir William Petty (a very good friend of Samuel Pepys). He came all the way from London to tell us about the terrible event that happened. The children listened intently to all the information given to them and were able to use the old maps of London to create streets and buildings with their bodies to show how quickly the fire spread. Sir William also brought leather buckets to show how difficult it was to put out the fire with water from the Thames. There were no fire brigades in 1666!

Parents were invited to help children design and make their own house from 1666; thinking about the materials they were made of. This was very successful with lots of creative parents making fantastic houses. We have a very special surprise that we are going to use the houses for at the end of this half term...Watch this space!

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    great fire of London